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At the last count,our own menagerie consisted of:

Rosie - our Border Collie and Poppy - a West Highland White Terrier.
3 Cats - Ginnie our old lady cat and twins, Belle and Kimmy.
3 Rabbits - Pudding, Crumble and Toffee.
Oscar the African Grey Parrot.
George the Tortoise.
Chinchillas - Violet and Daisy.
Barn Owls - Biggles, Kizzy and Piper
plus their dad Basil who lives wild and is flying free,
he returns to us most evenings for his supper.
We also have Clyde a Bengal Eagle Owl
And Boo an Australian Boobook Owl.
And last and very least in size
we have Huckleberry the Roborovski Hamster.

As you can tell, we have experience in looking after a wide variety
of animals on a day to day basis and also have had in the past,
Bearded Dragons, Guinea Pigs and African Pygmy Hedgehogs
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